Van Eijsden


Frederick & Maurette van Eyssen established the designer brand “VAN EIJSDEN” inspired by their various experiences travelling the globe and fuelled by their deep passion for handcrafted designer furniture and objet.VAN EIJSDEN’S parent company South African based Mi Designs has for nearly 30 years, developed expertise that enables VAN EIJSDEN to offer a wide portfolio of furniture and designer items. Each item we craft is created through collaboration with our design team. All items are developed with a commitment to protecting our environment through responsible use of the earths natural resources.

We are devoted to the pursuit of beauty, functionality and design. Our designs reflect a rich colourful journey through different cultures whilst staying true to our VAN EIJSDEN Dutch heritage. We believe in design that is timeless and merges clean lines with retro minimalism. Each item we craft reflects our passion for beauty and commitment to quality.